Saturday, November 29, 2008


Life has been crazy! Trying to juggle being a stay-at-home mother of two, wife, daughter, housekeeper, circus ringleader, Twihard, aspiring novelist, family holiday traveler, and all-around happy chick has seriously taken up all my time.

But things are good. The book is going well, and I'm already writing a few chapters for another one that I'm pretty excited about. I enjoyed Twilight the movie. Thanksgiving was delicious, and I ate way too much. I realized exactly why I adore my crazy family. My kids are happy, and healthy, as am I. My husband is phenomenal, and thinks I am too. My sister and nephews will be here for Christmas, with a big surprise. I've spent tons of time with my friends, and talked to my absent bestie frequently. I'm happy.

Life is good, in short, and I want to go into detail, and share some truly adorable pictures of the babies, but I'm in the middle of a tense scene for my book, so duty calls.

To quote those adorable Brits I'm so obsessed with-
"Keep Calm and Carry On."

Think Happy Thoughts!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I love Halloween, it's one of my two favorite holidays-that-aren't-really-holidays. Mostly I just love an excuse to dress up. This year was pretty funny though, since I spend all year talking about what I'm going to be...then wake up the morning of and say to myself, "Hmmmm...what can I make out of what I've got here?"

My inspiration this year was the witch hat I found in my Halloween box, a leftover from one of my mother's costumes a few years back. Since I'd never been a witch, I thought that would be easy, and I was right. All I did was put on a dress, fishnets, and heels that I've owned forever and did some crazy eye-makeup...voila!

Ryan was....well...I just told everybody that we decided to dress up like ourselves this year. Which still makes me laugh a little bit.

The Pooh suit made it's last appearance (*sigh*) which really does make me sad. It's just so darn cute! Chloe was Pooh this year, while Colin was a ninja (very appropriate, yes?)

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the digital camera to take pictures of Colin, so I used a disposable, which I haven't developed yet. As soon as I do, I'll add the pictures of Colin in here too. But I did put some gear on him, just for a giggle, which I am posting so you too will hopefully get a giggle. =)

Next year, it's on like Donkey Kong. I'm not sure what we'll all be, but I'm sensing a certain...epic-ness in the air. ;)