Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fingers Crossed!

We found a great place we think is going to be great, so I'm keeping my fingers (and eyes and toes and...well, you get the point.) crossed that our application is approved and Ryan's job continues to pay him and the stars align....

On another happy note, I've heard some good things about the Jacob's Ladder Center outside of Atlanta, so I'm going to check into that in more detail...wish me luck!!
And cross your fingers! ;)

For more on what's going on in my world, take a peek ;)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Re-Decorating Rocks!!

The thing about moving is that, well....I've done it a lot. I'm not going to sit here and think about every single time, but the number of times is definitely closer to 50 than 5. Everyone hates moving don't they? I mean, the packing, the cleaning, the being-forced-to-throw-away-things-that-you' a pack rat, that last one makes me sad. But still, I secretly love moving. Don't get me wrong! I cannot wait for the day I have my own house that I can paint, hammer, tack, re-paint and possible knock down. Until then, I have the joy of redecorating. Every time I get ready to move, I start thinking about how I'll redecorate. But this time, I REALLY excited about it! Because I've found all these really neat places online for DIY for cheap ideas....YAY!

This awesome mirror from SUCK UK is great for seeing how you measure up to your favorite celebs! Apparently a sexy gene is connected to being around whatever height Clark Gable, Elvis, George Clooney, Beckham, and Brad Pitt are, since their within a few inches of each other. I want this in my bathroom instead of my normal full length mirror!

Also, this mirror is pretty awesome. I've been loving some damask since I made Stef's scrapbook, and this stuff changes colors as you walk by from blue to green to purple. Which doesn't match anything I have and I don't care.

I'll be so relaxed after an hour in this Neiman Marcus Albright Tub that matching anything will be completely unimportant.

This too please...peacocks are awesome for decorating pretty much anything.

Hmm...I've just stumbled onto a new site, time to search out more treasures! I'll be back soon with more redecorating!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Up, Up, Up

Life is CRAZY! I literally have no time these days, which is really driving me crazy, because with everything that's been going on I have TONS to say!! (big surprise, eh?)

I have approximately 3 minutes, so pardon the lack of finesse in the writing, if you please. Quick update on what's happening:

Ryan has gone to Georgia to work, because the economy on the OBX, like the rest of the known universe, sucks right now. But we've decided that we want to leave the beach for a while, so we're going to try to pack up and head out to Georgia permanently. Which is huge, considering the kids ages and Colin being in the middle of his diagnosis, blah blah blah. Life doesn't wait for anyone.

So for the next month, if not two, I'm playing single parent. Both of my children have been sick for the past week, and didn't get to play in the snow, which makes my heart hurt a little. You wouldn't believe the amount of snot such little people can produce. And they look so miserable it just tears you up. Oh, and I have no vehicle of my own right now, so I'm pretty much
housebound. All the time.

(If you've seen The Sandlot, you can hear the voice in your head saying "For-Ev-Er. Fo--Ev--Er--")

But I'm also pretty excited, cautiously so I should say, about the move, because things are looking up right now. We'd be an hour away from Atlanta, which is awesome. There's an Autism center I've been reading about 30 minutes away, and we would have our own house. Not an apartment, a house. Of our own. I really hope it works out!!

I'm trying to squeeze some writing in when I can, which usually means staying up way past my bedtime and drinking a pot of coffee the next morning, but I like it. I'm not worried it's going to disappear anymore, so that's a relief. If you want to read more about it, check out my other blog, On Writing.

I know there's more, but now I've got a list running through my head of things I should be doing instead of this...(vaccuum, laundry.....)

Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm Back (Cue Batman music). Or Bach.

So it's been forever it seems like, and life has been crazy....but when is it not? I have so much to tell, and no time right now, but I'll be back. Or rather, Ah'll Be Bach, to quote ol' Arnold.J. S. Bach