Thursday, November 12, 2009

New 'Do

Hello strangers! Today was so beautiful and exciting I had to share.

First off, the weather today was the kind of fall day I love; the ones that make me remember why fall is my favorite season. It was cool, the sun was shining and warm, and the leaves are every color red, gold, orange and brown imaginable.

To top off that, I went and got my hair cut today! Two feet of hair, four years of growth, gone in a heartbeart! Well, a few minutes longer than that I suppose...but look at what she was working with!

And then...SNIP! SNIP! SNIP!

In case you couldn't tell by my expression, I LOVE IT! I haven't had my hair this short since a terrible incident in 2nd grade which I never wish to think about again...and I definitely didn't love it then.